Deafness In Albino Animals


* I’ve included an old post about white coats/associated health issues. I have/had two white cats, one of which was deaf. He had blue eyes, whereas my other one has
green eyes. The combination of white coat with blue eyes usually results in a deaf animal.

I’ve also included info on deaf dog training below. I am currently training two pit pups we believe to be deaf, at our shelter. They will be going into rescue along with their mother and
siblings in two weeks. I am teaching them hand signals for sit, and using a ‘thumbs up’ signal as a reward marker.

Save a Life, Adopt a Pet!

The gene that causes the white coat is a recessive one. In animals (and humans), recessive genes that cause white coat or white hair (partial or full albinism) are linked to other
recessive gene issues such as vision problems, partial or full deafness, and skin problems.

Here are some articles which help explain why animals with all or partial white coats may have associated health problems:


Deaf dogs can present a training challenge. It is possible that some of her behavior is a result of not being able to receive auditory input.

Deaf dogs can still be trained, but it may take more time and you may have to do some reading on methods for working with deaf dogs. Here are some websites specifically about deaf dogs:

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