Micro-Chips-Is Your Dog Dual Or Triple Avid Chipped???

Micro-Chips-Is Your Dog Dual Or Triple Avid Chipped???

This is from a rescue worker…

This is some important information I just learned.

I recently adopted a wonderful girl I’ve named Kyller. I have some paper work for her from OCAS, but I had her scanned with a microchip wand at my vet anyway to be certain the number written down was correct.

I’m now mailing in the check for changing her registration information with AVID & I was told that some dogs can have more than one chip in them. I’d noticed a different chip number noted on Kyller’s paperwork in addition to the same # that registered on the wand, but I thought it might have been ‘turned off’ when they gave her a new one at OCAS. Well, NO!!

I called AVID & each microchip that is implanted in your dog, must be registered in order to get your animal back. There is no guarantee that when your lost dog is scanned that the one ID# you registered current information with will be read by the wand. Therefore, here is my warning:

When adopting, get as much information about your adopted animal. Paperwork is a really great place to start. But you have to READ it.

Have your new pet scanned several times at each vet visit to try & read any additional microchips. Sometimes a different wand may read a chip that wasn’t previously detected.
Register each ID # with AVID so they can attach each one to your current address & phone # in case your pet is scanned when lost.

Keep up the great work with adopting our needy pets. There’s no telling how many times they may have been microchipped.


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