Eye Conditions In Shihtzu’s-Links

Unfortunately eye issues can be a hereditary problem in Shih Tzu and is, of course, something that breeders who truly care about the
breed will not perpetuate. A very good breeder will make certain that her line is registered with CERF, a national registry of dogs certified
free of heritable eye disease by members of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.

The following articles on the American Shih Tzu Club website can provide a bit more information.

Ocular Disorders Proven Or Suspected To Be Hereditary In The Shih Tzu
By Denise M. Lindley, DVM

Dry Eye
By Cynthia Smith, DVM

Distichiasis In Shih Tzu
By Tracey King, DVM

Early Treatment for Corneal Ulcers Helps to Save Vision


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