How to externally express Anal Glands-VIDEOS

By ladyscarletthawk

WARNING:  Really yucky subject, you may not want to be eating while watching videos.

I know I won’t,  ROFLOL !  Not for the faint of heart, especially the second video.

Here is an external expression of anal glands video.  Groomers and pet owners do external expression, while internal expression is performed at the vet and is more thorough.  Some dogs especially small dogs have more of a problem with expressing their glands and need to have them done (some more often than others).  In these dogs infections and impactions can occur and are quite painful and will need to be treated by a vet.  Each dog is an individual and may not need it done.  Dogs will self-express when they poop, so dogs with harder stools and better diets usually have no anal gland probs.  Dogs on mainly wet foods can have more problems with anal glands but it can also be genetic.  I have heard that dogs on RAW don’t have problems with anal glands.  ONE of the reasons dogs scoot is because they need their glands done.

Here is a vid on a vet lancing an anal gland that is swollen not sure if impacted or infected (never seen one.  BTW dogs with problem glands can have them removed.  Again NOT for the faint of heart.  It even made ME a lil queasy.


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